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Tokyo city will host seven matches at the Rugby World Cup 2019

Tokyo is not only the political and economical center of Japan, it has also emerged as a center of the world economy and culture.

There are a number of attractions in Tokyo that should not be missed. There are large-scale downtown areas, including Ginza where famous shops from around the world stand side by side, the sleepless Shinjuku that has become the "new city center of Tokyo," Asakusa which is reminiscent of the traditional Edo (the former name of Tokyo), and Shibuya that starts the trends for the young people.

Other unique areas include the computer town Akihabara, a dense retail area where numerous electronic shops compete against each other, attracting many shoppers from Japan and overseas, and Tsukiji, an open-air wholesale food market catering to shops and consumers everywhere in Japan.

World Cup Matches - Chofu Stadium, Tokyo

Japan V Russia (Opening Match) - September 20th

Australia V Wales - September 29th

England V Argentina - October 5th

New Zealand V Namibia - October 6th

Quarter - Finals - Chofu Stadium, Tokyo

Winner of Pool B V Runner Up of Pool A - October 19th

Winner of Pool A V Runner Up of Pool B - October 20th

Bronze Final

Loser of Semi Final 1 V Loser of Semi Final 2 - November 1st

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Tsukiji Market

One one the most interesting places to eat in Tokyo, Tsukiji is a fascinating collection of hawker market items, with everything from dried fish to kitchen utensils. There are plenty of stalls to savour some of Tokyo’s finest street food…definitely worth a visit


Rikugi-en Gardens

Considered by many to be one of the most pretty gardens in Japan, the park was originally built around 1700. It is located in the Komagome neighbourhood of Tokyo


Tokyo National Museum

With over 100,000 displays of art, artefacts and other treasures, this museum houses collections of cultural and historic importance to Japan, including Buddhist writings dating back to 7th century. Well worth a visit, even if you are not a museum fanatic


Tokyo Tower

This 1,092 feet tower was built in . There are two observation towers from which you can enjoy the vista, one at 490 feet and one at 819 feet. The tower has a cafe and is recommended for a visit at night.


Tokyo Sea life Park

Tokyo sea life park is a good mix of aquatic habitats from around the globe and educational features for everything from Pengiuns to Bamboo Sharks. Well worth spending an afternoon exploring this venue.