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Just with most parts of the world, travel is now very straightforward throughout Asia. Most countries have, in the past few years, adopted a visa free travel for between 30 and 90 days to facilitate greater tourism numbers . As always we advise you check directly regarding the country you wish to visit, based on your nationality and passport you are holding.

In no particular order here are some options to consider on your way to, or way back from Japan.

Singapore (Singapore City)

This tiny state and former British Colony is a wonderful city. Combining history, excellent cuisine, affordable shopping and number outs visitor attractions, Singapore is certainly a must for anyone who would like to ease into Asian Culture.

Whilst adventurers would classify the city as somewhat sterile, it is far from sterile if you are willing to explore it’s secrets and it’s beauty.

Predominant Language: English, Bahasa, Chinese

Distance to Japan: 6 hours by plane via multiple carriers

Airport: Score 9.5/10

Where to stay: This is a city state, so most accommodation is very convienent to public transport and site seeing.

Travel Tips: Buy an MRT (Light Rail) Card at the airport. It is the most convienent way to travel in Singapore.

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Definitely worth a visit!

  1. Pernakan Museum

Displaying all the wonders of the 20th venture life in Singapore, there are regular tours of the museum, conducted by volunteers. Tours take approximately 1 hour and are highly recommended for an informative insight into the culture.

  1. Emerald Hill

Enjoy a beverage or some food and take in the beauty of this tiny street, tucked in between the towering skyscrapers of Singapore. Bustling with locals at Happy Hour (5-7) this is a pleasant respite from the city whilst enjoying Singapores original architecture.

  1. Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is out of the way, in that it is located closer to Changai Airport than Singapore downtown. For World War II history buffs it is a must. Might be a good option on route to the airport.

  1. Hill and Raffles House

This is a might Hill, where Sir Raffles famously held court during his reign as Governor of Singapore. Strategically located with good views of the Singapore River, this attraction is definitely worth a visit to get a feel for how the city has evolved over the centuries.

  1. City Hall (MRT)

City Hall is a good starting point some morning from which you can visit a number of attractions in Singapore, including the famous Raffles Hotel and Long Bar, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Chimes, National Art Museum National History Museum and much more.